Audioritmic LE Sticker for Dj, Auto

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Panel type Equalizer cover Sticker

Self-adhering RED LED light

Flashes to the rhythm of music.

Quick description

This Electroluminescent device (LE), is activated by music, adheres to the glass of the car providing a modern and beautiful lighting show, and creating an incredible and pleasant atmosphere

Ideal for:

  • DJ's
  • Limousines
  • your car
  • nightclubs
  • Karaoke
  • windows, etc
  • Characteristics:

1.- Colorful sticker LED light activated by the sound of the music
2.- The colorful LED lights flash according to the rhythm of the music, give it romantic and fashion atmosphere
3.- Designed for decorating your car, you will bring a cold and beautiful light show
4.- Switch to adjust the sensitivity to music.
5.- Easy to use, just connect it to 12 Volts DC (cigarette lighter) press ignition switch
6.- It is a thin adhesive sheet that can be stuck on the rear windshield or side window.
7.- Equipped with a car charger that to be inserted directly into the car to turn on the light LE


It only adheres to the glass, connects to

car lighter, you tune in

favorite music.......

 And the party starts. !!!!!!!


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Audioritmic LE Sticker for Dj, Auto

Audioritmic LE Sticker for Dj, Auto

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